Musicians who had their Nude Photos Leaked Online

Taking photos is very essential to each and every one of us. It means we appreciate the things going on around us. Cell phones or even digital cameras are the materials that you can use in taking photos. Likewise, when it comes to private photos, everyone has some that they would rather not to expose to the world. However, when you are a celebrity your privacy is something that is constantly being put at risk.

Musicians at Risk

Musicians on the list below have all their body exposed on the internet, but all through no fault of their own. These are some of the most famous artist or musician in the world.

1 Miley Cyrus

One of the first incidents of nudity occurred back in 2008 when a hacker leaked some naked photos of Miley. The photos showed a “drunk-Miley”, Miley with joint and Miley with bubbles. A Disney girl image turned out to this kind of girl who can wreck a ball in the party. Everyone can’t imagine what Miley offers to the world as she showed up her other side.

2. Ariana Grande

One of the biggest names in the industry of music now a day, yet having her photos leaked during the iCloud scandal back in 2014. Several photos of Grande made the internet, including one in which she’s cupping her breast and showing off her backside in the mirror.

3. Chris Brown

Famous singer, Brown also has his photos leaked in the internet as him, showing off his tattoo all over his body in front of the mirror. Photos were released in 2015 after he allegedly upset a former adult star escort he had paid $2500 for.

4. Hayley Williams

Famous lead singer of the band, Paramore who have also her nude photos online. Williams had a photo tweet out from her account in which she is seen topless and looking at the camera. However after this scandal, William was overwhelmed by the amount of love and supports that were shown by her fans.

5. Rihanna

Singer of “Love the Way You Lie” and “Umbrella” who unfortunately made the list twice because of having a two very distinct moments in her life in which made her photos leaked online. First part is the naked photos came out back in 2009. Cell phone photos were leaked of Rihanna shortly after she broke up with Chris Brown. The photo was revealed Rihanna’s pierced assets, furthering the embarrassment for the young music star.

These are some of the most successful musicians in the world, and some of them also just happen to be actresses as well. That being said, if they have released a song or shown they can sing, and also had photos where they show off even more. These instances, privacy in life should be guarded intensely. They should think of a way on how to protect their life to be at risk just because of the nude photos. Moreover, some of the photos of some of the musicians above were released several times.

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