How Sex Can Affect Your Workouts?

Have you been hitting the gym like there’s no tomorrow? If that’s the case, you’ve might notice more defined muscles and a stronger stamina than before. But what about the other possible side effects of working out? Can an active sex life affect your sports performance? Find out.

What does the research say about this?

Fox Sports Network Sports Science performed a research to know how sex (either before or after) workout may impact performance. The producers asked help from Chris Byrd, a well-known heavyweight champion in boxing. With that, he was asked to abstain from sex in one whole week. Then after one week, his performance while training was examined. This includes his testosterone level, punching power as well as the strength of his legs. Not only that, he was even requested to go back for a performance testing right after a sex.

The result

Based on the analysis reports conducted by FSN Sports Science, they’ve found out that the cardiovascular health of the athlete remained constant particularly before and right after having sex. Shockingly, his punching and leg power boosted and his testosterone level boosted by more than 20%.

But Joel Seedman, Ph.D., CEO of  Advanced Human Performance based in Atlanta, insisted that there are actually lots of factors which may influence your workout such as hormonal, psychological, moral and ethical aspects. Most studies demonstrate little difference in how abstinence from sex influences testosterone level or performance markers.

As a matter of fact, a small research held in 1990s discovered that men do well just like when they perform on a treadmill right after getting laid, which is quite similar once they abstained from sex. Later, a Swiss research figured out the same thing with stationary bikes.

Be that as it may, lots of coaches and athletes said that getting laid less than a day before the competition negatively impacts their performance.

Testosterone is the culprit

Testosterone plays a crucial role in getting better athletic performance. The higher testosterone level in your body, the higher the intensity and aggression you can channel out in your chosen sports. So, as much as possible avoid doing any activity which may potentially reduce your T-level. As per Seedman, a sudden drop in T-level will lead to different negative effects such as impaired recovery, less energy, reduced power, and force as well as decreased aggression.

What’s your game plan now?

Whether you have this pre-ritual race thingy or just can’t resist the charm of de-stressing between the sheets, always make sure that your recovery plan is effective.

Seedman highly suggests hitting the weights right away to boost your hormones. Take some light-to-moderate explosive movement sets such as speed deadlifts, jump squats, medicine ball throws etc. These movements will aid in counteracting the drop in testosterone as well as re-energize your entire nervous system.

But for your safety, better save your energy for your upcoming game or workout. After that, you could freely enjoy a post-competition sex, a mixture of celebration and satisfying your sexual cravings. This enhances the hormonal response of the training and encourages recuperation mentally and physically.

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