Hollywood’s Most Realistic Sex Scenes

Production of movie film is one of the mainstream things in the industry now a day. Different genre of film, such as action, comedy, horror and romance are just few “merry-go-round” thing of the entertainment world. However, sex scenes are on the top of the highlight of the movie specifically in Romantic Movie. They aren’t supposed to be accurate. Moreover, the fondness for the cinematic escapism extends to the realm of on-screen romps.

Strange, short-lived, the passionate and the sweet

Here are list of the most realistic sex scenes that a Hollywood has to offer.

  • Young Adult (2011)

The sex scene with Charlize Theron was a dream that turned into a nightmare that Patton Oswalt says a lot about sex itself. Sometimes it’s about ugliness, vulnerability and intoxication. Oswalt joked that he dreaded filming a love scene with Young Adult co-star Charlize Theron.

  • Cruel Intentions (1999)

This movie showed the making of real and tender sex. The string of spit between their mouths and the slow missionary style made the movie very real to the sex scenes. Not all of our everyday sex involves the sweeping piano keys and the gorgeous backlighting but here, the artist showed something so earnest classic scenes that hooked the audience.

  • Boogie Nights (1997)

One of the scenes in this movie somehow manages to make the act of making pornography both realistic and tender. The actor’s (Mark Wahlberg) first time porn scene and veteran actress (Julianne Moore) gently encourages him spontaneously decides to have him cum inside her. The acts of the two actors make the audience believe that it’s a real great sex in the movie.

  • Blue Valentine (2010)

This movie features some of the most raw, emotionally isolating sex scenes ever on film. You can see here the authentic and somehow “moany” depiction of a woman receiving an oral sex. Wet mouth noises and the traffic in the background add the cinematic romance feeling to the scene.

  • The Woodsman (2004)

The real-life married couple Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon bring the familiarity to the scene of the movie. The soft sounds, the hesitant touches, and the focused intensity of the scene are true to the first time having sex after a long time without.

  • Shortbus (2006)

This is a movie about sex salon which eventually became an erotic cinema as well as crazy set stories. John Cameron, the director of the film helps the actors out to do the sex scenes more realistic. Cameron also encouraged them to have real orgasms when the cameras were rolling. Mitchell went to unnecessarily great lengths just to get in between someone’s legs in which made the scene very provocative yet inventive story about life and sexual freedom.

“If sex on screen were in any way representative of what sex is like in real life, it’d be miserable to watch”

Sex scenes in movies are a dime dozen. It may show good and bad, hilariously fake and then there are just few that are incredibly real.

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