Top Celebrity Sex Pics Scandals in Hollywood

Top Celebrity Sex Pics Scandals in Hollywood

Celebrities are always on the cross hairs of the paparazzi trying to take their pictures. The same goes for hackers who try to obtain their personal info, sex pics or sex videos. And you also have disgruntled ex-partners, friends and family members. The end result are hundreds of celebrities who end up getting their private sex pics or celebrity sex tapes leaked on the web. That causes some major celebrity sex pics scandals in not only Hollywood, but all over the world.

The past few years, there has been no shortage of celebrity sex pics available online. Many famous celebs have had their personal private sex pics leaked by either hackers or someone close to them. In other cases, some celebrities themselves had their sex pictures leaked. Who can forget Kim Kardashian and her now infamous celebrity sex pics and tape? It is what made Kim K. the star she is today. Before her sex pics and tape was released, only a few people had heard of her. But, within a year, she became one of the most talked about and highest paid reality TV stars ever. Not only that, but her family profited from the notoriety brought on by her celebrity sex pics and porn video. Now, Kim has no problem sharing nude sex pics of herself online with her fans.

There are some stars who followed in Kim’s steps to try and achieve the same results. At the same time, numerous celebrities had their sex pics made available on the internet without their consent. Recently the beautiful and hot WWE female British wrestler Paige had a sex tape scandal hit her. An intimate sex video Paige made was leaked online. That led to many people creating animated porn GIFS and celebrity sex pics with from the scenes on the sex tape. In addition to these stars, there are others who have experienced similar situations. Case in point is the Rebecca Gayheart from the show Grey’s Anatomy. While that tape doesn’t have any sexual acts, it does show nudity. In the leaked celebrity tape, Rebecca strips down with another woman who is a former Miss Teen USA.

One star who made national headlines when her nude photos were shared with the rest of the world was Jennifer Lawrence. The sultry, sensuous and hot actress had her account hacked. The end results were private nude selfies she took of herself leaked on the web. Countless of websites published the photos and many got a chance to finally see Jennifer nude. For fans of celebrity sex pics, it was a dream come true. Of course Jennifer Lawrence was devastated. Having your sex pics leaked online or sex tapes is a big issue.

The problem for celebrities who have their private sex tapes leaked online, is the sex pics and porn GIFS. All it takes is for someone to create their own celebrity sex porn GIF out of the sex pics. Once they upload it to a site, the celebrity sex GIFS can go viral ad more and more people share it. In an instant, the nude images or sex pics can be all over the web. That is part of the reason there are so many free sex pics of famous people available online today.

Some celebrities have seen their private sex tapes become internet sensations. Or they become widely distributed by individuals via DVDs or something else. The hot and titillating blond Pamela Anderson and her rocker husband are part of that. They once had their private sex tape stolen by someone who broke into their home. Once that was sold to others, it became one of the hottest celebrity sex tapes ever. People always wanted to see Pamela’s huge boobs and pussy and they got their chance there.

Celebrity sex scandals involving sex pics are not just women though. Some men have had similar problems. Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers is purported to have made a very explicit and raunchy sex tape. The famous African American model Tyson Beckford also had a sex tape about him hit the web. While it didn’t cause a great uproar, it was enough to make some news. Ladies were also happy to see the sexy Irish actor Colin Farrell in a sex tape. In the celebrity sex tape, Colin is seen with Nicole Narain who is a Playboy model. Colin sued Nicole for leaking the tape. But, even though he won the case, the celebrity sex tape was already all over the web. Plus, there were many free sex pics involving the actor and beautiful Playboy model.

Other celebrities such as the star from the shows “Roswell” and “Girls” Shiri Appleby had a nude selfie showing full-frontal nudity made public recently. On the list of famous stars, there are several singers who had some of their private sex pics leaked. Singers such as the teen sensation Miley Cyrus and Cristina Aguilera are just the latest. There are also some hot sex pics of singer Jennifer Lopez. The same for the lovely pop star Rihanna who has had several of her nude sex pics leaked.

You also have an explicit and hot video of actress Amanda Seyfried. In that porn video you can see Amanda sucking on her boyfriend’s huge cock. There are several other sex pics about her flowing around the web as well. In all, the list of celebrities whose sex pics, sex tapes and private photos have been leaked, grows bigger each day.